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Emotional Wellness VIP Package

Are you ready for more energy, improved sleep, and a greater ability to give back to the world around you? Would you like to stop your anxiety/depression in its tracks and take control of your life?

During this 6-week transformational package, you will:

  • Explore your current life balance (career, life purpose, health, relationships, etc.) and discover practical ways to improve.
  • Learn about mindfulness, meditation, and other practices for effectively dealing with negative emotions.
  • Increase your confidence and competence in dealing with challenging emotions and situations.
  • Get to know your own subconscious mind, uncovering and transforming the limiting beliefs that have kept you trapped in this cycle of overwhelming emotions.
  • And much more!

Each package is uniquely curated for the client, based on what they want to work on and where they want to see the biggest transformations!

This package includes:

  • 6 x 90-minute Emotional Wellness Coaching Sessions
  • 3 x 30-minute Healing Sessions
  • 1 Personalized Chakra Reading
  • 1 Guided Meditation for Raising your Vibration

Valued at $1,233 – Package Offer $1,111!

Save $122 from regular service prices!

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Coaching Starter Pack

Would you like to start your emotional wellness journey overcoming anxiety, depression, or trauma, but you’re not ready to invest in the full VIP Package? We understand! This is a great place to get started!

In just 3 sessions, we can cover incredible ground towards helping you:

  • Uncover and transform core limiting beliefs that has kept you trapped in a cycle of overwhelming emotions.
  • Heal and release traumatic experiences so you can experience less reactivity in life.
  • Uncover which aspects of life are currently out of balance and what you can do about this.
  • Learn about mindfulness, meditation, and other practices for effectively dealing with negative emotions.
  • Where we go in these sessions depends on what your top priority is in your emotional wellness journey – from there, we will prioritize whatever will get you there fastest!

Give yourself the chance to smooth the emotional rollercoaster and begin experiencing more flow, grace, and confidence in life!

This package includes:

  • 3 x 90-min Emotional Wellness Coaching Sessions
  • 1 Guided Meditation for Raising your Vibration

Valued at $526 – Package Offer $444!

Save $82 from regular service prices!

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Energy Healing Packages
Buy 2, Get 1 Free! Wow!

Ready for more energy, reduced pain, greater emotional balance, and a greater sense of peace and joy in life?!

You’ve gotta try these Healing Journeys!
Read more about what Energy Healing can do for you here!

We have two awesome Healing Journey Packages:

Animal Packages
Fur-babies Welcome!

Energy healing sessions are great for animals too! Our elderly animal companions can deeply benefit from the mental, emotional, and physical support our healing sessions offer. This is also a good way to check in on how they’re doing and whether they have any quick messages for you.

We’ve got a soft spot for seniors and end-of-life transitions…

If you have an elderly animal companion with health issues, or you’re preparing for an end-of-life transition, we want to help you and your animal friend out – offering them the best energetic support they can have and giving you peace of mind.

Read more about reiki for animals here.

Our package for Seniors & Transitions includes:

  • One month of weekly 30-min healing sessions (4 x 30min sessions)
  • A weekly report on their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing
  • An opportunity to receive some quick message(s) from them, weekly

Valued at $176 Package Offer $111

Save $65 from regular service prices!

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“Are you afraid of being judged? Do you suffer from low self esteem, ptsd, inner wounds and blocked energy? My experiences with Kinsey were very positive. By the third session, I knew that she was someone who I could trust forever. Her compassion without judgement, wisdom and gifts have set me on a path of healing. I highly recommend working with her… I feel she will be booked up so if you even want to inquire, I encourage you to do so in a heartbeat. Love and light”

— Maria C (Vancouver, BC)

“I have done in person Reiki, as well as long distance Reiki with Kinsey. I absolutely loved both! I also felt the amazing relaxation and peace that comes with Reiki. After the session was over, I felt energized and rejuvenated which is my favorite thing about receiving Reiki! The convenience of being able to be home was nice, and you can’t get much better than receiving Reiki in your own bed.  I would suggest going to Kinsey for Reiki, in person or long distance!

— Tara W. (WA, USA)

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