Healing Journeys

Healing with Pinnacle

The Healing Journey Sessions offer a unique, customized, and fun healing experience! In these sessions, Kinsey combines Reiki energy healing, Angelic energy healing, crystal energy healing, channeling, and guided meditation to offer a truly powerful, one-of-a-kind healing session.

Methods Used

In the Healing Journey Sessions, multiple healing modalities are fused together to create a truly unique healing experience. Here are some of the methods used to bring you the highest and greatest healing possible in your session(s):

  • Reiki Energy Healing – conducting “life force energy” from Source/God/Universe
  • Angelic Energy Healing – working with Archangels of the Light
  • Crystal Energy Healing – working with crystals to impart additional healing assistance
  • Channeling – working with high-integrity spirit guides to transmit relevant messages
  • Guided Meditation – incorporating coaching methods, making the session relaxing, fun, and interactive!

As part of the guided meditation, your session may include soul retrieval or cord-cutting as well – depending on what you need most in your healing session. The guided meditation portion of the session will guide you into a safe place to do this deep inner-work, keeping you relaxed yet engaged. No more silent sessions where your mind is left to wander and annoy you! Relax and enjoy this fun, soothing, and interactive healing session!

If we can generate the reality we want by being a vibrational match to it, then this also means that undesirable components in our reality are presently a vibrational match to something within us – otherwise, they would cease to exist! This doesn’t mean you did anything “wrong” or that your vibration is “bad” – not at all! You’re a beautiful, brilliant being!

At your core, you are a powerful creator and attractor who calls in the experiences you most desire!

Unfortunately, as a multi-dimensional being, you can take on programming that runs contrary to your innate being. So rather than seeing yourself as “bad” or “wrong,” you can see that this is simply a matter of removing what no longer serves you so that you can return to your innate being (and start attracting and creating the experiences you DO want). Having these unwanted experiences in your reality implies you have somehow carried something within you (usually from a traumatic event or socio-cultural conditioning) that keeps re-attracting this unwanted experience.

These healing journey sessions will help you release old baggage so that you can re-align with your true self and with the reality you desire.

How can these sessions help you?

The Healing Journey sessions can transform and transmute nearly any issue present in your life. This is because each of these sessions is always intended to be in alignment with your free will and the highest and greatest good of all. Whatever intention (or challenge) you bring to the session will be faced head-on. We will uncover the source of this challenge and work to release or neutralize it.

Here are examples of specific challenges that can be healed or resolved through Healing Journeys:

  • Assisting with physical healing or recovery
  • Reducing symptoms of chronic pain
  • Overcoming stress or sleep issues
  • Releasing non-beneficial patterns of thought, emotion, or behavior
  • Moving your life forward (getting “un-stuck”)
  • Promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being
  • Balancing emotions and healing emotionally
  • Improving confidence, clarity, and direction in life
  • And so much more…

With these one-of-a-kind journeys, you will receive self-healing activations as well as methods you can incorporate into your daily life to enhance your emotional competence, balance, and overall wellness. Become your own best healer!

How Healing Journey Sessions Work

Prior to a session, there will be a brief check-in where your practitioner will ask some questions and find out what kind of intentions you would like to set for your session or what challenge(s) you would like help working through.

You will be guided to get comfortable, and the guided meditation will begin.

Reiki and Angelic healing are both activated at the start of the session (and often before the session even begins).

In-person Healing
Remote Healing

Although we used to offer in-person healing sessions (pre-pandemic), we now only offer remote sessions. But never you worry – both formats are equally effective!

Kinsey will guide you through a guided meditation to connect with the intention or challenge. Along the way, she will be guiding you to visualize and/or feel certain things that will help you align with your intentions. She may use any of her many tools, so each session is unique.

She may ask you some questions during the session about what you’re experiencing in order to better help guide and assure you.

After the session, there will be a brief check-in to see how the session went for you and to follow up with any guidance you received during the session.

Note: you can request an audio of your session to listen back to later – please just be sure to request this at the start of the session!

Why Kinsey?

There are a couple advantages to having a Healing Session with Kinsey:

  1. Mastership – Kinsey has been attuned to the master-level (level 3) with Reiki for humans and for animals. She has also been practicing Reiki since 2012, so she has had many years of experience expanding her capacity as a conduit. She has lifetimes of experience as a healer, and she works with Ascended Masters to continually expand herself and her healing capabilities.
    What makes Kinsey a true master, though? It’s just not her years (or lifetimes) of experience – it’s how she teaches others how to be their own healer!
  2. Intuition – Many Reiki practitioners just go through the motions they are taught without tapping into their intuition and integrating it into their role as a Reiki practitioner. Kinsey’s uses her intuitive skills to provide the client with a customized session and relevant guidance. She also uses her intuition to access the subconscious elements that affect the challenge(s) you’re facing, helping to recognize and transmute these unseen elements more easily and rapidly.
    We know you will feel seen and heard for who you are and where you’re at in life!
  3. Integrity – As a client, you are not a means to an end: you are a being who deserves a joyous and abundant life, and Kinsey wants nothing more than to help you get just that! Fear, dishonesty, and manipulation will never be employed to get more out of the client – service and assistance is our number one priority.
    Our priority is to teach you how to heal yourself so you don’t have to keep coming back! We’re more interested in seeing you step into your power and take off on your own path, than we are in receiving your money! Your success and joy is ours as well!
  4. Angels – Kinsey has become a channel for Angel healing as well, and she works closely with Archangels during her healing sessions. Sessions may be more focused on Reiki healing or Angel healing methods, depending on what the client needs most in the given session. Kinsey works closely with many Archangels, but she especially works with Archangels Raphael, Michael, Jophiel, Uriel, and Ariel. These angels assist in offering clients deep healing and clearing on all levels. You will also get to learn about what Archangels show up for your session and how they want to help you going forward.
    Here’s a beautiful opportunity to get to know the Angels who are working with you the most right now! Learn more about Kinsey’s work with angels (and how you can connect with them too) here.
  5. Crystals – Kinsey is also a Crystal Reiki Master and has been attuned to using etheric crystals as well. Crystals have been used to aid in healing and accessing higher wisdom since ancient times. There are so many ways crystals can help support and heal us! Kinsey reports that her crystals pick the client before the session – they speak to her about what they can help with and why. Kinsey is then able to share this information with the client and incorporate the healing powers of the crystals.
    If you’re interested in learning more about crystals or would like to try working with crystals, then these sessions have this added benefit for you.
    Learn more about our crystal family (and how crystals can help you) here!
  6. Convenience – these healing sessions can be received where ever you are on this earth-plane. You can receive your session in the comfort of your own home! Additionally, you have the option to attend your session live or have a channeled session completed for you and sent as an audio file afterwards. We highly recommend the interactive, live experience!
Reiki Crystals
Some of the crystals used in our Healing Journeys

We’re less interested in keeping you coming back than we are in helping you get energetically aligned so that you can start living your ideal life.

We know that your positive and empowering experience will make you want to share your experience with others, and ultimately, together, we will be making the world a better place, one good vibe at a time!

Your Reiki Practitioner: Kinsey

Want to learn more about your Healing Practitioner? Read more about Kinsey here.

Healing Session Testimonials

Reiki Healing

“My friend gifted me a session to see Kinsey for some much-needed healing after being left heartbroken. I have done two sessions now with her and she is absolutely amazing. I feel I am walking threw today so much lighter than before. My mind and body are more calm and at ease today. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs healing done. She is very thoughtful and compassionate every time. Thank you and truly grateful!”

Mary – WA, USA

Reiki Healing

“Kinsey has done reiki on me, and I have to say it was amazing! I was skeptical that I would feel anything because my health had been so out of sorts for so long, and honestly I wasn’t sure if it would actually work. I was happily surprised when I felt much more relaxed and calm and confident after my session. I highly recommend Kinsey.”

Devinne – WA, USA

“My mind, heart, and body fell out of balance due to several contributing factors. I’m truly blessed to know Kinsey personally and reached out to her about Reiki. I’ve had a couple of sessions with her and truly haven’t felt this much balance in my life in very long time. There is a true healing power in Reiki, so it was worth stepping out of my comfort zone and not just believing in Reiki, but also believing in Kinsey and trusting her with my unbalanced self.”

Chad – WA, USA

Reiki Healing

“I have done in-person Reiki, as well as long-distance Reiki with Kinsey. I absolutely loved both! I JUST tried long-distance for the first time, and I felt my hands tingle as well as become heavy, and I saw different light and dark patterns when my eyes were closed. I also felt the amazing relaxation and peace that comes with Reiki. After the session was over, I felt energized and rejuvenated which is my favorite thing about receiving Reiki! The convenience of being able to be home was nice, and you can’t get much better than receiving Reiki in your own bed. 😍 I would suggest going to Kinsey for Reiki, in person or long distance!”

Tara – WA, USA

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Healing sessions are done remotely only right now.

There are a couple options when it comes to Healing sessions:

45-min Healing Journey – $66

This is for a 45-minute session that includes the following:

  • Intake discussion and intention setting
  • 30+ minutes of custom, guided meditation and healing journey
  • Follow-up discussion including intuitive feedback and helpful suggestions
  • Optional: audio recording of the session – please just request it at the beginning of the session
  • We highly recommend booking a free 30-min chat before your first appt so that we can make the most of your time during this session (for first-time clients only)

We also have great deals on packages of healing sessions See our Packages & Promotions

75-min Healing Journey – $111

This is for a 75-minute session that includes the following:

  • Intake discussion and intention setting
  • 60+ minutes of custom, guided meditation and healing journey
  • Follow-up discussion including intuitive feedback and helpful suggestions
  • Optional: audio recording of the session – please just request it at the beginning of the session
  • We highly recommend booking a free 30-min chat before your first appt so that we can make the most of your time during this session (for first-time clients only)

We also have great deals on packages of healing sessions See our Packages & Promotions

Did you know Reiki & Angel Healing can be sent to your animal companions too?

Learn more on the Animal Communication page

Want to save some money!?!

Check out our amazing Energy Healing Packages!

Would you like to receive a Healing Session?

Let’s heal together.

“Making the world a better place, one good vibe at a time”


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