Emotional Wellness Coaching

At Pinnacle Healing, we offer Emotional Wellness Coaching which is primarily focused on helping with issues like anxiety, stress, depression, grief, trauma, and life changes. This coaching is done on a one-on-one basis, remotely through video chat.

Read on to learn more about this type of coaching offered, how coaching sessions work, and how coaching can help you!

Important Announcement!

Pinnacle Healing is currently experiencing a greater demand for coaching than we have availability to supply said coaching. This being the case, all new clients will be hand-selected by the coach. Ideal clients will be selected based on the mutual fit (between the client and coach) and on the coach’s assessment of the client’s willingness and ability to dedicate themselves to the coaching program.

To be considered as a potential future client, please CONTACT US.

What is Emotional Wellness?

According to the National Center for Emotional Wellness, the term “emotional wellness” refers to an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of emotions, and the ability to effectively manage them through challenges and change. When we’re tuned into our feelings and aware of our body sensations, we can learn how to live life on our terms. The more we consciously recognize and respond to our emotional experiences, the more reliable and stable our emotions become. Emotional wellness brings us into the ever-present moment of NOW.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most prevalent emotional wellness issues facing our society today.

It’s important to note that, while some may recognize anxiety or depression as solely a mental health issue, it is our position that these issues present as emotional wellness issues as well, rather than just simple chemical imbalances in the brain. While it is true that medications can absolutely help with relieving the symptoms of anxiety and depression, medication alone usually cannot and will not address the core of the issue.

Addressing the core issue is where Emotional Wellness Coaching comes in.

How Can Emotional Wellness Coaching Help?

Kinsey’s Coaching borrows from practices in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), ClearBeliefs Coaching, and Strategic Life Coaching to approach the client’s Emotional Wellness holistically.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is continually recognized as one of the most effective treatments for both anxiety and depression. This form of treatment focuses on recognizing ineffective (or maladaptive) coping skills, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and replacing them with more empowering (or adaptive) ones. This is done by challenging the individual’s way of thinking and the way that they react to certain habits, behaviors, and/or emotions. This is one of the main forms of coaching practiced with Pinnacle Healing’s Emotional Wellness Coaching.

ClearBeliefs methods are another main forms of coaching practiced. These methods help root out and permanently clear limiting beliefs, connect you with your inner child, cut unhealthy cords with others, heal traumatic experiences, transform parts of the psyche that have taken on maladaptive strategies, and so much more. These methods are about getting to the core of the issue, whatever that may be, and clearing that permanently. This inside-out approach can be much more effective than battling with tedious outside-in approaches used in traditional therapies (like “talk therapy”).

Are you ready for a major transformation?

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Here are some of the ways Emotional Wellness Coaching with Kinsey can help you:

  • Heal Trauma & Traumatic Reactions
  • Effectively Deal with Difficult Emotions
  • Increase Emotional Mastery & Emotional Intelligence
  • Identify, Eliminate, and Replace Limiting Beliefs
  • Overcome Fears and Phobias
  • Recognize and Modify Ineffective Coping Strategies
  • Break Unconscious/ Reactive Behaviors and Emotional Cycles
  • Reduce/Eliminate Triggered Reactions
  • Integrate Empowering Life Strategies
  • Reconnect with your Inner Child
  • Discover and Heal Wounded Parts of the Psyche
  • Enhance Relationships
  • Find More Balance in Life
  • Increase Mindful Awareness
  • Connect with Your Intuition/Spirit
  • Connect with Your Desired Situation
  • Align You with Your Values & Goals
  • Enhance Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Healing
  • Enhance Confidence, Peace, and Joy in Your Life

Emotional Wellness Coaching is right for you if you’re tired of your current situation and you’re ready for change, you know you’re not aligned with the best version of yourself and you would like help figuring out how to get there, or you feel stuck or overwhelmed but you’re not sure how to move forward. As your Coach, Kinsey is determined to offer you understanding, presence, and unconditional positive regard while helping you work through challenges and create the life of your dreams.

Coach versus Therapist

A Coach needs to have many of the same core skills as a Therapist: listening skills, compassion, and training in at least one form of therapy. The Coaching relationship is also similar to a Therapist-Patient relationship in the sense that the expert spends the majority of their time listening.

Typically, Therapy is more indirect as the Therapist allows the client to lead the sessions, asking questions to help raise their awareness. Your Coach is likely to lead the session, asking questions to raise awareness and also offering direct observations and feedback. As opposed to going to “talk therapy” with a Therapy where you’ve talked through an issue without specific resolution, you will leave coaching sessions with an action plan – whether the challenge you are facing is relationship issues, emotional issues, behavioral issues, or just a desire to organize and work on realizing your hopes, wishes, and dreams. These Coaching sessions are about giving you concrete steps to help you improve your life and your emotional wellness.

Please note that, while Kinsey is a Certified Life Coach, ClearBeliefs Coach, and an accredited Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) practitioner, she is not a licensed mental or medical health professional.

How Coaching with Kinsey Works

Emotional Wellness Coaching sessions are run remotely.

Remote sessions will be conducted via Zoom video chat.

These remote sessions allow for video chat from the privacy and comfort of your own space. Kinsey just asks that you ensure you’re in a space where you will not be interrupted so that that time spent can be focused on you.

Why Kinsey?

Using the methods that Kinsey offers her clients today, she overcame her life-long battles with trauma, anger issues, anxiety, and depression. Today, she’s positively passionate about sharing these tips and strategies with others so that they can step into their true power and start living their best lives! Because of her personal experiences with these life challenges, she extends incredibly deep empathy while offering you unconditional positive regard, compassion for you and your situation, and an absolute desire to help you live your best life (along with tools and tips to help you get there). As a client, you are not a means to an end; you are a person who deserves a joyous and abundant life, and Kinsey wants nothing more than to help you get just that.

We operate with the highest integrity as we work together to help you achieve your ideal life!

Service and assistance to YOU is our number one priority.

Want to know more about your Coach? Read more about Kinsey here.

As your Intuitive Emotional Wellness Coach, Kinsey uses her certified skills in

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • ClearBeliefs Coaching
  • Conscious Coding (Certification in Progress)
  • EFT (Certification in Progress)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and
  • Law of Attraction Coaching
  • Strategic Life Coaching, and
  • Relationship Coaching

to help you work through whatever challenges (or opportunities!) that you’re presently facing.

Emotional Wellness Coaching Testimonials

Emotional Wellness Coaching

“Kinsey came into my life as a mentor and coach initially when I had just been hospitalized for mental health. She was extremely insightful into the spiritual, experiential, and genetic aspects of my life-long fight with this major illness. She guided me to meditations and holistic arenas that were invaluable. Shortly after my hospitalization, I experienced the worst loss of my life, and she was available to offer grief resources and counseling in an arena that is overlooked- that of our animal companions. Mine was a soul mate loss, and not only did she provide multiple resources, she was available to talk and checked in on me regularly.

This differs from standards of therapy where it entails a visit that is done in an hour, as she provides tools for you to continue to grow and process, and the empathy she exudes is palpable.
I would highly recommend her for coaching for these reasons. Her insight and the depth and realm of resources offered apply to grief and processing most definitely; but also span into life growth, relationship growth, career growth, and spiritual advancement.”

Greta – WA, USA

“Kinsey did an amazing job helping me to identify the root of my anger issues. Her techniques and ability to empower me to recognize and resolve my triggers has been instrumental in my interactions with my wife, family, and friends. I am a better human being because of Kinsey’s dedication to helping others. I will gladly recommend Pinnacle Healing to anyone seeking to enrich their life in any way!! Thank you Kinsey!!!”

Morgan – WA, USA

“I love working with Kinsey! She is passionate about letting me come to my own conclusions and solutions, while providing me with guidance where she sees fit! What she notices is often JUST WHAT I needed a reminder of!!!!”

Kate – WA, USA

Emotional Wellness Coaching

“I am not one to open up. Always reserved and hiding. I met Kinsey in one of the darkest moments of my life and now on such an amazing path of healing. She’s so knowledgeable and absolutely kind. In the coaching sessions, I have had I’ve learned so much about myself and what I am capable of. I’m so honored to have met her and excited to continue my coachings. Because of how comfortable I am with her I had a Chakra reading and card reading (mind blowing but in such an awesome way). She’s the most gifted person I’ve EVER known!!! Wonderfully detailed and explanations. I love that I’ve met her and now have a forever friend. 💓 So grateful! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!!”

-Jessenia – OH, USA

“I had an amazing Clear Beliefs session with Kinsey! What stood out the most to me other than my own revelations and visual journey, is her ability to work with what came up for me! I had an inner child enter that space that I was not expecting! Kinsey did a really good job incorporating that inner child into the session, even though neither of us were expecting that to surface and to want to partake in the Beliefs session! It was profound! Thank you Kinsey for your skills and dedication!!!! ❤❤❤

Kate – WA, USA

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Emotional Wellness Coaching

“Are you afraid of being judged? Do you suffer from low self esteem, PTSD, inner wounds, and blocked energy? My experiences with Kinsey were very positive. By the third session, I knew that she was someone who I could trust forever. Her compassion without judgment, wisdom, and gifts have set me on a path of healing. I highly recommend working with her… I feel she will be booked up so if you even want to inquire, I encourage you to do so in a heartbeat. Love and light🌸🌺🦋🙏❤️”

-Maria – Vancouver, BC

“I recently did a session with Kinsey in clearing old beliefs. My experience was emotional yet she has given me new tools in order to keep moving forward in practicing at any time something comes up for me. She is very kind, patient, and compassionate with those she works with. I highly recommend scheduling a session with her.”

Mary – WA. USA

“I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I first started working with Kinsey, but she came highly recommended from one of my friends, so I figured it was worth a try. In just one session I was able to make major progress in an area that I had been struggling with for most of my adult life. I was absolutely blown away with how quickly I was able to move through this and see positive change in my life! I’ve gone on to work on other issues with Kinsey and continue to see amazing results in my life. I’m so grateful I took my friend’s recommendation and I would highly encourage anyone looking to make positive changes in their life to work with her as well!”

Erin – WA. USA

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Coaching sessions with Pinnacle Healing are not sold as individual sessions. For these coaching methods to be most effective, a series of sessions must work in concert together.

It is highly recommended for new clients to consider getting a minimum of three sessions to begin. Check out the amazing deal we have on the Coaching Starter Pack!

At present, all of our coaching packages are listed on the Packages & Promotions page. Please go check it out to learn more about our pricing and package options for coaching!

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