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Presently Chakra Readings are an add-on only service for clients. This service can be purchased as part of a package only.

Chakra readings are like a self-help healing whereby a reading is completed and customized with detailed information about how the client can align and balance their energy on their own time. More information about the chakra readings is provided below.

About Chakra Readings

A Chakra Reading is essentially a report discussing the functional status of each of the client’s primary (7) chakras. This reading will report on whether each chakra is presently balanced, underactive, or overactive. The report will also highlight the client’s current symptomatology of energetic imbalances as well as offer many helpful suggestions about how to balance each chakra. A recommendation of which 1-2 chakras to work on first is offered to assist in obtaining the most immediate relief possible, and additional relevant messages are brought forward for the client as well.

The idea of this report is to provide you with the information you need to get yourself energetically aligned. Empowering you to improve your energy on your timeline.

This reading/report is great as a stand-alone report, especially for those who are more self-motivated and are not presently experiencing an energetic or emotional crisis. This reading is also an excellent accompaniment to Reiki sessions (at least on a periodic basis). Having this report following a Reiki session will empower the client to bring more of the healing power into their own hands, stretching out time between sessions and/or reducing the need for follow-up Reiki sessions. This combination (Reiki + Chakra Reading) is especially great for anyone who is presently feeling overwhelmed or imbalanced in anyway.

This report will provide you some things to focus on implementing so that you can start creating your ideal life.

Likely, if you’re interested in a Chakra Reading, you’re familiar with what a chakra is, but if not, here’s some basic information about chakras…

What are Chakras?

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel” and they are most often described as energy vortices throughout your body. Records of the chakra system, and the belief therein, spans back to some of the oldest written records, called the Vedas, believed to originate in India somewhere between 1500 and 500 BC. There are seven primary chakras that run from the base of your tailbone to the crown of your head. Chakras are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all of its processes and defenses, everything from organ function to the processing of emotions. It is believed that the function of the chakras is to draw in prana, or vital life-force energy, into the energetic and physical bodies, to keep us healthy and vibrant.

Why get a Chakra Reading?

Awareness is the first step to creating change.

If you are aware of an imbalance in your life (or in your chakras, in this case), you can start to address it and move towards balance. The point of these readings is to raise awareness regarding imbalance and to offer solutions that will help you build long-lasting balance for yourself.

Example Reading Images:

Root Chakra (Underactive)
Chakra Reading Report Cover
Solar Plexus Chakra (Underactive)

Why Kinsey?

There are a couple advantages to having a Chakra Reading with Kinsey:

  1. Intuition – This report comes along with an oracle reading, channeled with messages specifically for your energetic healing. This report will help you focus in on the areas that need your attention the most so that you can experience the most immediate relief and energetic balance.
  2. Integrity – As a client, you are not a means to an end: you are a person who deserves a joyous and abundant life, and Kinsey wants nothing more than to help you get just that. Fear, dishonesty, and manipulation will never be employed to get more out of the client – service and assistance is our number one priority. We don’t like salesy and pushy approaches! We honor your authority and ability to decide what’s best for you!

We’re less interested in keeping you coming back than we are in helping you get energetically aligned so that you can start living your ideal life.

We know that your positive and empowering experience will make you want to share your experience with others, and ultimately, together, we will be making the world a better place, one good vibe at a time!

Your Chakra Reader: Kinsey

Want to learn more about your Chakra Reader? Read more about Kinsey here.

Chakra Reading Testimonials

Chakra Reading

“Because of how comfortable I am with her I had a Chakra reading and card reading (mind blowing but in such an awesome way). She’s the most gifted person I’ve EVER known!!! Wonderfully detailed explanations. I love that I’ve met her and now have a forever friend. 💓 So grateful! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!!”

Jessenia – OH, USA

“I loved my Chakra report! she includes a card reading which was spot on (almost made me cry haha), a summary of the Chakras which also was very accurate to how I’ve felt lately, recommendations on how to balance them and a lot of extra information. I’ll be printing mine and using it as a guide. I’m very happy with it  …Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!”

Paola – CO, USA

Chakra Reading

“I have previously had business and relationship readings from Kinsey, and today I had the pleasure of getting a chakra reading from her. Once again, she is soooo spot on with highlighting my issues and gave so much insight and resources on how to get myself balanced in these areas. On top of all of her knowledge and insight, she offers great customer service, answering whatever questions you may have about her services. I know I will definitely be a repeat customers! I definitely recommend her for all her services.”

Leigh – OH, USA

Chakra Reading

“I’m blown away by her reading. I never had a full chakra reading before though i am familiar with chakras, Kinsey’s reading is very thorough. She was able to pinpoint my overactive, balance and underactive chakras and describe the characteristics predominant for me under each label and she is so accurate. It feels like she knows me so well, the good and the bad in me. I’m glad the she has also included in her report ways of balancing my chakras, they’re simple and easy to do. Thank you so much. I highly recommend her”

Rowena – AZ, USA

“I did my chakra report with Kinsey and the report was absolutely bang on. I could relate to every aspect that she mentioned in the report. Thank you so much🙏”

Kavita – Korea

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These readings are done remotely and sent to the client upon completion.

Chakra Reading – $77

Please note that this service comes as part of a package only.

This typically takes about 60 minutes, and it includes the following:

  • A detailed (approx. 14 pages!), written report custom-made for you on the date of the reading – yours to keep!
  • The predominant balance/imbalance of each chakra
  • Descriptions of how the balance/imbalance is manifesting for you presently
  • Activities, exercises, foods, and affirmations to help balance each chakra
  • Oracle Reading clarifying which chakra(s) to focus on first and additional messages/guidance for your energetic balancing
  • Additional suggestions and feedback
  • Done in-person/live or sent remotely

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“Making the world a better place, one good vibe at a time”

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