Soul Warrior: Accessing Realms Beyond The Veil

Soul Warrior: Accessing Realms Beyond The Veil – An International Best-Seller filled with love, healing, and wisdom from beyond! Go on a spiritual quest while supporting a good cause! Not even the sky is the limit! 🙂

Energy Cleansing & Protection Methods

In this post, I want to share some of the most powerful energy cleansing and protecting methods that I have come across in the last several years that I have been studying energy. You may be wondering why this is something you even need to do. The simple answer: We are multidimensional beings We areContinue reading “Energy Cleansing & Protection Methods”

Moon Rituals: How and Why

If you’ve never practiced any type of moon ritual, you may be wondering why you would even want to start. If you’re at all familiar with astrology, you likely already understand how the positions of the heavenly bodies can impact us humans, but even if you’re completely disinterested in astrology, the moon is worth lookingContinue reading “Moon Rituals: How and Why”

Awakening & Evolving Beings

This is a shout-out to those who are “woke” or “awakening” – to those who dare to escape the norms or step outside the box! We see you, and we’re grateful for you. What do we mean by “Coaching & Energy Healing for Awakening and Evolving Beings?” We’re talking about anyone who suddenly realizes thatContinue reading “Awakening & Evolving Beings”