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About Animal Communication

Your beloved animal friend has been waiting, more patiently than you might imagine, to talk with you. Would you like to hear what they have to say?

Our animal companions are quite wise, and they can make for excellent teachers, mentors, and friends.

Kinsey has been mastering the art of animal communication, connecting people with the messages of their beloved animal companions (both those who are alive and those who have passed on). Animal communication is possible through an open heart and mind, a willingness to see and feel their perspectives and revere them for the masters they are (and can be). Often it can be difficult to receive their messages ourselves, as we are caught up in our busy minds or as our hearts have shut down in response to the harshness of the world today. When we open our hearts and minds to them, we clear away our doubts, and we open ourselves to receiving their wisdom, they can really blow us away.

If you have had a beloved animal in your life, you know they are more than “just” a cat, dog, horse, bird, etc.

But you may not be fully aware of all the ways they are sharing their wisdom and healing powers with you.

Would you like to make that connection?

How Animal Communication with Kinsey Works

Animal Communication sessions are run remotely, via phone conversation (or zoom).

Kinsey obtains a photo of your beloved animal companion and some basic information about them (ex: their name, gender, approximate age), and then Kinsey calls the client at the time of the scheduled appointment.

Prior to the session, you (as the client) will prepare some questions you would like to ask your animal friend. The questions are not sent to Kinsey in advance, they are just for you to prepare and be clear about what you would like to know so we can make the most of the time.

These remote sessions allow for the conversation to take place for you and your beloved from the privacy and comfort of your own space. Kinsey just asks that you ensure you’re in a space where you will not be interrupted so that that time spent can be focused on you and your animal companion.

Important: please do not expect Kinsey to tell your animal companion to STOP doing a certain behavior. What we can do is ask them why they are doing the unwanted behavior and what we can do to help them. From this place of understanding and appreciating their perspective, they are often more receptive and willing to adjust, and we can offer other options of behaviors that are preferred. Also, although we do often see immediate results, this should not be expected because – similar to humans – changes can take some time to be integrated and mastered.

Animal Reiki Sessions

Animal Reiki is another way you can profoundly deepen and strengthen your connection with your animal companion.

The same benefits that Reiki has for humans can be received and appreciated by your animal companions. These sessions can help relieve pain, fears, trauma, and other mental/ emotional/ physical issues.

This gesture of love and healing sent to your animal by your intention is always deeply appreciated. Clients often report feeling closer to their animal companion, their animals demonstrating their appreciation with extra affection during/after the session, and seeing their animal companions feeling better and having more energy!

Read more about Reiki here, if you’re interested to learn more about the potential benefits, and feel free to reach out to Kinsey if you’d like to know if this type of session is a good fit for your animal companion.

How Animal Reiki Sessions Work

Animal Reiki sessions are done remotely without the client’s attendance. The session will be completed at the scheduled time, and a session report will be sent shortly after the session. The session report includes the animal’s mental/ emotional/ physical state before the session, a photo of the crystals and diagram used, a description of the uses of each crystal for the given session, a description of what was addressed in the session, their mental/ emotional/ physical state after the session, and any messages they have for you (if applicable).

Why Kinsey?

There are a couple unique advantages to having an animal communication session with Kinsey:

  1. Remote Format – You and your animal companion don’t need to pack up and go on a drive to meet with someone who can help you connect. The bond you have with your animal friend transcends time and space, and Kinsey’s intuitive skills help her to tap into that connection regardless of where you are. So stay home, get comfy, and get ready to strengthen that bond in really incredible ways.
  2. Keepsake – In the animal communication sessions, you get an audio copy of your chat to keep. We know this will offer you additional insights in the future, and some really beautiful memories to return to whenever you want. In the Animal Reiki sessions, you will receive a detailed report where you will be able to track your animal companion’s progress over time (and refer back to messages from them, as applicable). Either way, you have something you can take from these session that is bound to offer future returns on your investment!
  3. Integrity – As a client, you are not a means to an end; you are a being who deserves a joyous and abundant life, and Kinsey wants nothing more than to help you and your animal companion get just that. Fear, dishonesty, and manipulation will never be employed to get more out of the client – service and assistance is our number one priority. Our goal is to get you to a point where you never need to return to us!
    Kinsey values your relationship with your animal so much because she truly believes they are here to assist you in being the best person you can be and in living the best life you can live. These sessions are about tapping into the love, joy, and abundance between you two, and Kinsey’s all about keeping the energy in these sessions as high-vibrational as possible!
  4. Connection – As a lifelong animal lover, Kinsey has been honing her skills in hearing and understanding animals all her life. She loves all animals – even the “creepy crawly” ones – as they are all beautiful, important, and unique beings in her eyes. Connecting with animals isn’t a “job” or “work” for Kinsey, it’s her love and passion! We know you will see what we mean!
    Kinsey also incorporates her connection to Archangels of the Light into these sessions, as applicable. Kinsey’s connection to animals is enhance by her Angelic channeling skills, and this connection also expands and amplifies the potential benefits of an energy healing session.
Kinsey – Your Animal Communicator & Healer

Do you want to learn more about Kinsey?
Read more about Kinsey here.

Animal Communication & Reiki Testimonials

Animal Communication

“Kinsey is absolutely amazing! She did an Animal Communication reading for me with my heart dog Gusto that passed away. I’ve been having a difficult time with my grief and guilt over his death. Kinsey was so comforting and her voice instantly put me at ease. Her reading reaffirmed the love Gusto and I share, lessened my grief, and most importantly gave me hope for the future. There are truly no words to express my gratitude for the gifts she has given me.”

Gina – MA, USA

“I had an animal reading done from Kinsey for my dog Milo. Kinsey did correctly connect with the energies of Milo and was able to pinpoint what going on with him as well as what could be the reason behind what he’s going through. I felt she did an amazing job and her explanation was very detailed. She also proceed to do reiki healing for him and found out the energy centers that needed work on and went ahead and healed them. I was very impressed by Kinsey’s ability to connect with animals and would highly recommend her for her services. I also wanted to add that Kinsey performed reiki healing on me which was very effective and detailed. I love working with her and I am sure everyone else would too. She also an amazing human and an empath and very Easy to connect to”

Nipra – IL, USA

“As someone who has worked with you, I can truly share, you are an amazingly talented animal intuitive with a Divine connection with the animals you work with… Blessings and so it is ❤

Linn – NC, USA

Animal Reiki & Communication

“Kinsey did a Reiki healing and a communication session with my dog. Both were incredibly insightful and provided answers to why Coco behaves the way she does. I would like Kinsey do more work with my dog to help her be her healthiest, best self.”

Kelly – WA, USA

“I loved my reading with Kinsey. She connected in with my dog. She gave her messages from me and also asked her some questions from me too. Their connection gave me some clarity about why my dog behaves the way she does and why she gets so excited when I’m around. She also gave her a Reiki healing with crystals and found an issue or two which she cleared and also gave me some suggestions on how to deal with it in the future. I love my beautiful dog to bits but Kinsey has now helped to create an even deeper bond as I feel we now know each other so much better. I have already started raving about Kinsey to those I know and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to connect in with their fur family! 💜🥰👏🙏

Nicole – Australia

“Kinsey was awesome! She communicated with my sweet pup Gracie and did Reiki on her. I learned what kind of life Gracie had before I rescued her, how grateful Gracie was for her new life with me and how much Gracie enjoyed the Reiki. Kinsey expressed that she could feel the bond between Gracie and I and let me know was very special ❤ I loved the reiki part as Kinsey was very thorough in explaining what she did, the crystals she used, what came through and the blocks she helped clear for Gracie. Overall this was an amazing experience and I am excited for her to connect with my other furbabies in the future. Thank you Kinsey for sharing your very special and beautiful gifts with us ❤

Jessica – NC, USA

Animal Communication

“Kinsey connected with my kitty and the transformation was astounding and immediate. I am actually in shock and so is my boyfriend! I will definitely be working with her again! And Queenie is also delighted 😀😄

Sarah – Ireland

“After finding out our beloved dog had cancer we set up a healing Reiki session with Kinsey. She was able to tap in and communicate with our dog before the Reiki session and let us know how our dog felt about the treatment options we were exploring and how much he loved being part of our family. She also picked up on a couple of other specific issues he was having with his nose and his stomach, which was accurate. She then sent Reiki and I could tell how much our dog relaxed and enjoyed it. She was kind & compassionate, gave us some gentle suggestions, and also gave us great peace of mind about the treatment path we chose to pursue and our dog’s feelings about it. If you need to communicate with your pet or your pet is in need of energy healing I highly recommend booking a session with Kinsey!”

Donna – United Kingdom

“My dog had the pleasure to enjoy a communication session with Kinsey and it was a really heartwarming experience for me, too. Kinsey was very kind, spot-on in many terms and willing to dig a bit deeper when something wasn’t clear at first. We had big insights and I think Kinsey is very talented to connect to animals as well as humans. I am grateful that we crossed paths and can highly recommend to work with her. ✨

Nadine – Germany

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Animal Communication & Animal Reiki sessions are completed remotely.

Because these sessions are done remotely, payment is due in advance of scheduling the session.

Animal Communication Session – $55

This includes a 30-minute live chat with your animal companion and an audio recording of the chat for your future reference.

This session is best for one animal companion – if you’d like to meet with more than one animal at a time, please select the extended session below.

Come with your questions prepared so we can jump right into your questions and what your animal companion would like to share with you!

Animal Communication (Extended) Session – $95

This includes a 60-minute live chat with your animal companion and an audio recording of the chat for your future reference.

This session is best for 2-3 animal companions, so this is the best option if you want to chat with more than one animal companion at a time.

Come with your questions prepared so we can jump right into your questions and what your animal companions would like to share with you!

Animal Reiki Session – $44

This includes a 30-minute Reiki healing session for your animal companion and a detailed session report (including any messages they may have for you).

You do not need to be available at the appointment time as the session will be performed at the given time directly with your animal companion. The session is completed remotely, and a detailed session report is sent after the session.

In your booking, please include any (short/ direct) questions you may have for your animal companion if you’re looking for messages about something in particular.

Does your animal companion need ongoing support?

Elderly and sick animals really benefit from having regular energetic support. If this sounds like your beloved animal, please check out the fantastic deal we have on monthly packages for animal healing HERE.

Do you have any questions about Animal Communication or Reiki for Animals?

Don’t be shy!

Would you like to talk with your animal friend?

Let’s talk together.

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