Angelic Healing

Kinsey offers Angelic Healing as part of her Healing Journey sessions.

This page is dedicated to telling you a bit more about what it’s like to work with the Angels (and Kinsey), who these Angels are, and what the Angels can help you with.

How I came to work with Angels

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been likened to a Fairy or an Angel by those who knew me best. From the time I was only a toddler, it was clear I had a special place in my heart for all of the creatures of this planet – even (and sometimes especially) the “creepy-crawly” ones. I never batted an eye over the creatures most others feared or hated (ex: spiders, snakes, lizards, frogs, sharks, etc.) – I saw and felt their inner being and was magnetically drawn to them. It was clear that I had an immense capacity for LOVE as I naturally shined my love and admiration on all of creation with joy and enthusiasm.

As a child and young adult, I was often told I was “wise beyond my years” or that I was “an old soul.” I would often say things that would stun adults around me, and they would ask me “who told you that?” or “where did you hear that?” and the answer was always, “it just came to me” or “I just said it now.” I didn’t even know where my wisdom was coming from! I was channeling without even realizing it.

Fast-forward into my adulthood… In 2018, I had a massive awakening that called me to change nearly everything about my life: my job, my partner, my home, my diet, my routines, my hobbies, and many of my other relationships. It was both a difficult and very exciting time in my life!

Read more about the Awakening stages HERE!

During this time, I started becoming aware of receiving thoughts that were not coming from my own egoic mind – I was receiving thoughts from my guides and Higher Self! This was such an exciting time for me because, although I had been studying metaphysics nearly my whole life, I had come to believe that such special skills were only for “other people” (hint: they are not just for “special people” – everyone has intuitive skills!). I started exploring these connections via meditation, and at this time, I also met my “Higher Self” – who presented to me as an Angelic being.

Kinsey – An Earth Angel

During this period, I also saw many different healers and psychics who informed me that I was an Empath, an Earth Angel, and that I had a “strong angelic presence.” I had even been told by a couple psychics that they could actually see angel wings on me.

As I became familiar with hearing and feeling my guides and Higher Self, I got more and more curious about who they were. At this time, I booked a session with the amazing Natascha Cosmic Empress to meet my guides and learn about my Starseed origins! It was no surprise to discover that my Starseed origins were vast and included the “Mission Realms” – which is where Angels come from.

Many times since then, it’s been confirmed by multiple external sources that I am, in fact, what’s known as an “Earth Angel.”

Want to learn more about Earth Angels?
Here’s an external source I like: 31 Signs You’re an Earth Angel

Although I had learned and been attuned to Reiki many years prior to this awakening experience, I began using it a lot more after my awakening. Then, sometime in 2020, I started becoming aware of the Archangels showing up during my sessions. It took me a little bit to figure out what was going on there because initially they just showed up as colored lights in my mind’s eye and a warm, loving presence. They didn’t announce themselves to me – or if they did, I didn’t notice/hear them – rather, it was my impression that they were just there waiting for me to notice them and ask for their help.

This is when my Angel connection came online full-throttle! As soon as I started noticing their presence and inviting them to assist me, they started channeling incredible healing energies and messages to and through me (for me and for clients). Ever since then, I have been working with Angels (and absolutely loving it)!

About the Archangels

Each of the Archangels has their own special gifts and talents that they offer all of creation. Angels are not bound by time-space, so they can be in multiple places at the same time. Angels (of the Light) are bound to respect free will, and as such, they cannot and will not intervene without our direct request/consent. As such, it is important that we ask them for their assistance as needed.

Because they can be everywhere at once, you never need to feel guilty for asking for their assistance – they are more than happy to help however they can; you just need to ask!

You should also know that Angels are technically non-gendered. In other words, they do not identify with a specific, binary gender. This is because Angels do not procreate, so they have no need for gender designations. Any given Angel may have more “masculine” or “feminine” seeming qualities or gifts, so humans have put genders on them because of our experiences of gender. As such, you may see one source refer to a specific Angel as a He/Him and another source show the same angel as a She/Her. Don’t get hung up on this inconsistency – they may appear to some people as more feminine and to others as more masculine.

In this section, I will describe the Archangels that I know personally.

There are so many different Archangels that have been identified that I can’t possibly list or describe them all; however, these are the Archangels I see and work with the most:

Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel is the angel most closely linked to the assistance and healing of Animals, Nature, and Nature Spirits (Fairies, Leprechauns, Elves). Ariel also helps humans reach their full potential because Ariel helps us see past our “animal aspects” to the spirit within.

Ariel’s the angel you want to call on for assistance with Animal Communication or anytime you are working with animals or nature.

Ariel appears on the Tarot major arcana card called Strength – showing the woman/angel who is able to tame the lion. Ariel is courageous yet gentle in nature. Ariel may also appear as a Lion/Lioness (the animal most closely associated with her).

Ariel is associated with the Heart chakra, the color light pink, and rose quartz. For me, Ariel shows up as a light pink ray with a golden light around it.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the angel of Divine Communications. He/she is known as God’s messenger. Gabriel can help with conception/pregnancy, raising children, and the welfare of children. They are the angel that appears in the Bible announcing Jesus’ coming birth, so they are also associated with announcements, news, and important messages.

Gabriel is a great angel to call on for assistance with delivering aligned messages, making them the ideal assistant for teachers, counselors, writers, and artists.

Archangel Gabriel is also a great Angel to call on to help you with channeling your authentic creativity. They can assist you in using your creativity to transmute fear and other dense emotions as well.

Archangel Gabriel is associated with the Sacral chakra, the colors orange and copper, and the metal copper. For me, they show up as a coppery-orange ray of light.

Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel means “Beauty of God” – representing their ability to use wisdom to beautify anything. Jophiel’s gifts include wisdom, joy, bliss, soul illumination, and perception.
Call on Jophiel to help “beautify your thoughts” – clearing away misconceptions and offering a fresh perception.
Call on Jophiel to help connect deeper with the beauty, joy, and pleasure of life. You can also call on Archangel Jophiel to help with learning new subjects and absorbing information. Other Associations: improves mental agility; enhances learning; aids concentration; stimulates wisdom and intellect; enhances joy and laughter; increases self-control; raises esteem and feelings of wellbeing; offers courage; prevents confusion; illuminates the soul; can aid in soul retrieval (soul fragment recovery); strengthens the connection with the Higher Self, guides, and angels.

Jophiel is also associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, the colors dark pink and bright yellow, and the stone pink tourmaline. For me, Jophiel appears as a warm yellow light with an incredibly kind and intelligent feeling presence.

Archangel Metatron

Metatron’s gifts are around spiritual evolution, enlightenment, light-body activation, and ascension. They are the keeper of the Akashic records, so they are a great angel to call on for any Akashic records work. Call on Metatron for help accessing esoteric knowledge and integrating past life skills memories.

Call on Metatron for help integrating wisdom and higher learning. They are also the Angel to call on for help with aligning with your ascension path.

Archangel Metatron is often depicted with the Merkabah cube, which can be used to heal and transmute dense energies – you can ask them to use their healing cube to clear you! Metatron is a master of sacred geometry too, so call on them for guidance in using sacred geometry.

Metatron is associated with the Soul Star chakra (above the crown), the color white (and also sometimes the colors violet & green), and the crystal called Selenite. For me, Metatron appears as a white ray of light – although, for some, they appear as violet & green.

Archangel Michael

More coming soon…

Archangel Raphael

More coming soon…

Archangel Raziel

More coming soon…

Archangel Uriel

More coming soon…

Archangel Zadkiel

More coming soon…


I also know of Archangels Chamuel, Haniel, Sandalphon, and Tzaphkiel; however, I don’t have enough personal, direct experience working with them yet to offer my own understanding of who they are and what they are gifted with. I will likely come back and update this listing as I have time to add more information and experiences.

Are the Angels talking to you?

There are lots of ways that the angels try to reach out and interact with us. Eventually, I may add my own thoughts about how you can tell your angels are trying to reach you, but for now, I’m just going to include a short list and a link to another (external) site where you can learn more about this.

  • Finding feathers
  • Seeing “angel numbers” (or repeating numbers)
  • Encounters with animals
  • Seeing flashes of light, sparkles or orbs of light
  • Rainbows
  • Direct messages (they can be anywhere: billboards, signs, music, license plates, etc)
  • Goosebumps or chills
  • Ringing in your ear
  • Coincidences
  • Random moments of immense gratitude/awe
  • The feeling you aren’t alone – cause you aren’t! 🙂

Read more about this HERE.

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