Soul Warrior: Accessing Realms Beyond The Veil

Soul Warrior is available on Amazon

I am very excited to announce that I have recently become an international best-selling author!

As of today, November 18th, 2020, we have released our ebook and paperback versions. The authors are also working on creating an audiobook version as well! Although the release date for an audible version of this book is still TBD, this post will be updated when I have more information about that release.

Our initial release of the ebook was on sale for only $0.99 USD because we wanted it to be accessible to the highest number of people. The ebook price has gone up a little since launch (still a very reasonable $3.99 for an amazing book!) in part because we want to continue earning money for the charity we’re supporting…

You see, we didn’t write this book for money, fame, and glory – we wrote it for the impact we hope it will have on others and on the world.

I promise I will come back to our intended impact, but first, a little context…

Book Unveiling Video

In this video, I unpackage the paperback version of the book, show you the book, read the back of the book, read the chapter titles and author names, and read a sneak preview of my chapter…

What is this book about?!

This book features the stories of 20 psychics, mystics, and healers who work in energetic, spiritual, and subconscious realms.

These spiritual leaders and healers share their stories of how they have awakened and used their spiritual gifts to traverse and overcome major life challenges – how they became Soul Warriors! They share the wisdom, love, and joy they have directly experienced in their journeys beyond the veil. Among our authors, we have Shamans, Reiki Masters, Psychics, Hypnotherapists, and more! It is packed with inspiration, healing frequencies, and deep spiritual wisdom for all!

My Chapter – Exploring & Healing the Subconscious for Deep Transformation:

My chapter includes a channeled message explaining the differences between our Ego and our Higher Self, the differences between the Conscious and Subconscious Mind, and how we can use the conscious mind to access and heal subconscious material that creates patterns in our lives that make us feel stuck. I believe my contribution to this book project will support you in recognizing ego and parts of your psyche, healing and integrating them, and breaking patterns that no longer serve you.

After the channeled message, I share a bit about how this work in the subconscious realm healed me from trauma and chronic anxiety, depression, and anger issues. I also share a bit about how this subconscious work has helped many others as well. I am, after all, an Intuitive Emotional Wellness Coach, specializing in subconscious work for healing trauma, breaking unwanted patterns, and enhancing emotional wellness. I have seen some pretty incredible, lasting transformations in my clients…

Other chapters include personal stories of working in the energetic, subconscious and spiritual realms, lessons learned, powerful energetic activations, and lots more. Whether you are new to it or well on your path of exploring these realms, you are going to want to get your copy!

If you feel stuck in life, or you’re just tired of going through the motions of 3D existence, this book is for you! Even if you don’t feel stuck in life but you wonder if there is more to this whole life journey than just the physical human life, then this book is for you!

I truly believe this book will inspire you and lead you to sources of healing and wisdom you have within and around you.

Intended Impact: Inspiration, Empowerment, Awakening, Clarity, Open-Mindedness, Hope, Peace, and Joy

Each of the authors in this incredible collaboration has written what they have written to show you, no matter who you are, what you have been through, or what you think you can/can’t do – you are so much more than you realize! We share our stories of traversing challenges and opening spiritually in hopes that you will see a little of you in each of us and that in this recognition, you will realize, you are more powerful than you ever realized before. Maybe, just maybe, you start to see yourself (and the world around you) in a light that gives you hope and inspires you to see and love your magnificent self!

What is the Veil?

The Western Veil Nebula. There are no photos, to my knowledge, of the actual “veil” we refer to here.

The Veil is often referred to as the ‘veil of forgetting’ – meaning that when we are incarnated here, we forget the origins of our soul/spirit. People access realms beyond the veil when they are in contact with spirit – ex: mediums, channels, energy workers, shamans, and also those who work in the subconscious. 

Speaking of the subconscious, the veil is also between the conscious and subconscious mind – creating the experience of only having access to the conscious mind (the things you are directly aware of in this reality). Beyond the Veil, we have access to the subconscious realms wherein we can experience ourselves in the past, present, and future – timeless and eternal versions of us. This is also the realm of consciousness wherein we can see the distorted visions of ourselves that we have taken on in our lifetime, allowing us the opportunity to clear these illusions and make incredible, healing changes in our physical lives and sense of “self”.

More on our intended impact…

In addition to the positive impact we hope that each of our chapters will have on the readers, we are also hoping to make the world a better place in other ways…

100% of the proceeds from this book are going to charity:
Operation Underground Railroad

This non-profit (501c3) organization is dedicated to:

  • Ending child trafficking
  • Ending the sexual exploitation of humans
  • Rescuing survivors of these situations
  • Planning for and coordinating their recovery

So your purchase of this book supports not only you, me, and the other authors, but it also benefits children who have been subject to trafficking and sexual exploitation.

I’m proud (and so, so grateful) to be a part of a book project that’s about more than just making money…

Are you inspired yet? 🙂

I am…

Where can I get it?

Presently, this book is available on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats. If you’re interested in the ebook version, you do not need a kindle in order to buy and read this book – you may just need to download the “kindle” app on whatever device you’d like to read it on and link it to your Amazon account. So all you need is an Amazon account and an electronic device.

We are expecting that soon there will also be an audiobook version on audible – enabling others to hear each author read their own chapter! I am really excited by that prospect because I can feel the power in these words as I read them; it’s easy to imagine powerful activations happening as others listen.

I will update this post with additional book versions as they are released and accessible.

Ebook Purchase Links:

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I’ve made a newsletter specifically for updating interested persons about this book’s release versions, dates, and where they can be purchased. I promise the newsletter won’t be spammy! You probably won’t hear much from me except when the other versions are released and where to get them.

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