Energy Cleansing & Protection Methods

In this post, I want to share some of the most powerful energy cleansing and protecting methods that I have come across in the last several years that I have been studying energy. You may be wondering why this is something you even need to do.

The simple answer:

We are multidimensional beings

We are so much more than the flesh and blood that makes up part of this human experience. We are also not our thoughts, our emotions, or even our beliefs; however, these aspects do set the stage for much of our human experience. Our energy is affected by more than just what we eat or whether we get enough sleep. If we tune into the subtlety of energy, we may be surprised to find there are many times that we are giving our power and energy away to things outside of us – draining, tiring, and even sickening us.

Many of us go throughout our days soaking up the energy of almost everything around us – whether that’s coming from interacting with someone else’s bad attitude, having disappointing experiences with objects or people, or even engaging in the joyful experiences that we share with others. When we have these experiences and attach to them (we judge them, we hold onto them, or we allow them to define our emotional state), we actually accumulate this energy, allowing it to create congestion in our energetic fields/channels. For this reason, the post will begin with some powerful cleansing exercises, and then it will discuss protection methods.

Cleansing Practices

The Violet Flame

The violet flame is an incredibly powerful cleansing practice – it has the power to transmute and dissolve density (negative emotions/energy and karma) and it can also clear our energetic field of any forces that are not aligned with our highest and greatest good. These energies also have an impact on our physical wellness.

There are many ways that various people use the violet flame, and many purport there are specific beings (certain Ascended Masters, like Saint Germain, or Archangels, like Zadkiel) that have to be called on or integrated into the practice; however, in my experience, this is not necessary. The violet flame is an energetic consciousness of sorts that can be called upon by anyone who wishes to use it for cleansing purposes. That said, I will offer how I use it along with some links to other resources that have additional suggestions about how to use it.

How to Use Violet Flame

  • Sit or lay comfortably
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths (slowly and not forced; all the way in and all the way out)
  • Ask the violet flame to be lit in and around your energetic field (you can say this aloud or in your mind)
  • Ask that the flame dissolve and transmute any density, negative energy, or non-beneficial energies in and around your field
  • If you cannot see with your mind’s eye, you can start this practice with looking at the image provided, then closing your eyes trying to recreate the image. Do this while intending that it is doing as asked (you do not have to see it for it to happen – if you intend it, it is happening)
  • Ask that the flame clear your field of any other non-beneficial influences, such as: parasites, discarnates, negative entities, or implants/devices not aligned with your highest and greatest good
  • Sit with this for a few moments, watching or feeling the flame dissolving the density in your field
  • Some of the following links recommend certain phrases, which you may feel compelled to recite as you envision this, but I have personally found the exercise just as effective by just visualizing and intending as described

Sometimes I can see the violet flame being lit around me, and other times, I just feel it like a slightly warm and comforting presence around me. Again, don’t worry if you cannot see or feel anything at first as it may take some practice. If you intend that it is working, it will.

I recommend invoking the violet flame at the start and end of each day.

I also suggest that you explore the following recommendations about how you can use the violet flame, and try whatever practice seems to resonate most with you.

Additional Resources about the Violet Flame:

Lonerwolf: This Little-Known Violet Flame Meditation Can Transform Your Life

The Violet Flame: What is a Violet Flame Decree?

The Summit Lighthouse: Violet Flame – An Ancient Healing Tool

Opening Portals

This practice is best for clearing your space of other entities.

This is a bit of a controversial topic as some do not believe parasitic entities or “demons” exist. For those of you who do not believe in “demons,” another way of looking at this is that everything is energy (including our thoughts). Thoughtforms, such as “I am bad/unlovable/unworthy/shameful” actually accumulate more and more energy (and density) as a person thinks them more often. In time, this thoughtform grows in power and influence, effecting the person who has bought into this belief. In a way, this belief has accumulated energy through their persistent rumination, and it becomes their own “demon” haunting their thoughts and negatively affecting their emotions and energy.

Others may believe in demons in a more physical sense, and this practice works for that too. In fact, this simple cleansing practice can clear your energetic field of parasites, discarnates (ghosts), and negative entities (negative thoughtforms or demons). This is a great one to use whenever you may be feeling drained or confused (or if you sense an unpleasant presence).

How to Use Portals of Light

  • Your eyes can be open or shut, and you can do this literally anywhere at any time
  • Imagine the surrounding space (the room you are in or the few feet surrounding in you in all directions)
  • Command and intend, internally or aloud, “This space is Sacred”
  • Imagine opening a white portal of light, just beyond the perimeter of your predetermined space
  • Command and intend, internally or aloud, “Go to God’s Light” (or “Go to the Light”) three times

When I have practiced this, I have seen in my mind’s eye grey and black forms being pulled into the portal of light, and when I’m done commanding three times, I see that the portal closes and my surrounding space is clear.

White Waterfall

This one is good for cleansing and clearing the energetic field and channel, and it’s a great foundation to the following protection methods.

Imagine, if you will, that you have this channel of energy that flows from the top of your head down past your toes. Now imagine, if you were mechanical, that this channel is like a pipeline. Everything we interact with is being consumed in this energetic channel (or pipeline), and much like a pipe from a kitchen sink, if you keep throwing food into it without rinsing it down (or turning on the garbage disposal), that pipe is going to get clogged.

The idea of this exercise is to turn the water on so that whatever has accumulated in your energetic pipeline can be washed down…

How to Use White Waterfall

  • Close your eyes, and take a couple nice, full breaths
  • Imagine looking up above you where there is a source of white light
  • Let this light fall from the sky, like a waterfall, gently falling down over the top of your head
  • See this white light washing down over your entire body as well as washing through the energetic channel within you
  • Watch it flow all the way through you, down past the bottoms of your feet
  • Continue to visualize this waterfall washing over and through you
  • With practice, this may only take a moment or two to actually feel its cleansing effects

Protection Practices

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to practice some form of cleansing before you set up protection around yourself. So if you skipped straight to this section, I recommend you go back and see what cleansing practice speaks to you the most, then choose which protection practice calls to you.

White Forcefield of Will

This one is a continuation of the White Waterfall, so start with that exercise and add the following onto it…

After you imagine the white light shining all the way through you and into the Earth, imagine that white light bouncing back up into your body and traveling all the way up to your solar plexus (this is between your sternum and your belly button).

As the light reaches your solar plexus, imagine this white light blasting out into every direction surrounding you, creating a white sphere of light around you. Imagine this sphere extends at least a full arm’s length in every direction around you, though you can make it bigger if you wish.

This practice essentially sets the intention that your will is to project light around you and that nothing can enter this space that is not also of the light.

You can also say something along these lines,

“I am protected and only that which is aligned with love and light may enter my space”

and so it is!

Golden Bubble

I personally like to do this one in addition to the last one, but you can do it instead of the other, after doing a cleansing of some sort.

The color gold is associated with divine love, healing, self-worth, and with Christ Consciousness. In my opinion, it is the strongest protector, but that’s just my opinion.

For this method, you just imagine a golden light washing over you and your surrounding area, leaving behind a golden bubble. You can make the walls of that bubble as thick as you would like them to be.

When I do this exercise, I say (and intend) the following:
“I now call in the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness to surround and protect me, only allowing in that which is in alignment with my highest and greatest good, while allowing out anything that is not aligned or anything that would like to leave”

Adjust what you would say to however fits you. You don’t have to believe in Jesus or Christ Consciousness to use this powerful protecting energy.

Some Final Thoughts

  • These techniques are offered as suggestions, so try whatever interests you most and feel free to make them your own – follow what feels right to you
  • I recommend doing cleansing and protection at the start of each day to help you stay grounded and centered
  • Practicing them at night before you sleep can also help with getting more restful sleep
  • Practice again whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or drained
  • Be patient! If you’ve never tried these things before, it may take a little time practicing to feel the effects
  • Notice the energy you bring to this practice – if you are frantic or in disbelief, then you likely will not have as powerful or beneficial effects as if you can bring a certain calmness and knowing to the practice
  • Enjoy!

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I am a Certified Emotional Wellness Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Practitioner, Conscious Coding Practitioner, ClearBeliefs Coach, Reiki Master, and Animal Communicator. I use my intuition and empathic skills to be of service to others through Coaching and Energy Healing. I help people (and animals) connect with their internal wisdom and truth, connect to the energies of unconditional love, and live into their true power.

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